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Volume Tox Peptide Essence is thetaptide compared to other products. The content is very high. In addition, the peptide component is delivered deep into the skin. Excellent penetrability by nanotechnology for depending on skin type In some cases, it takes longer to adapt than other peptide products. The expected effect after adaptation may be better.
First, stop using the product and supply sufficient moisture until the skin is calm. Use products that have a calming effect. When your skin is calm, start with a small amount. It is recommended to gradually increase the amount used.
Borphyrin, which enhances skin volume by promoting fat cell regeneration This is due to the immediate effect of the ingredients. If it is not accompanied by continuous use, it is recommended to use You can see the volume of the skin.
It mainly occurs under the cheeks or around the chin, and it occurs in dry skin that lacks moisture. often appear. Provides sufficient moisture along with Volume Tox Peptide Essence. We recommend that you use a mask and cream that you can give.
The most important thing for skin metabolism is sufficient moisture. Oil, which should be properly drained out of the skin, is not discharged. It is inherent to the form of acne by active skin metabolism. will be pushed out
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